Formosa Plastic Corp
CRM system design

UI Design, Art Direction


Formosa Plastic is one of the biggest trading companies in Taiwan that has hundreds of thousand dealing every day in many critical ports on the world. The CRM system aims to simplify the complex process between sales and the clients, to make the whole trading procedure more efficient and less time-consuming.


My Role
UI Design,
Art Direction

Formosa Plastics Corp

Company / Year
Cloud Interactive / 2020


Efficiency of Use

Improve the dialogue space and efficiency between sales and customers, and reduce the occurrence of errors.

Concise & Clear

Let users feel effortless.
Make everything clear and precise, reduce the stress of the sales’ and client’s work.

Engaging Design

With the right architecture, interactions, and patterns, design can give the users a very excellent experience, which help them achieve the goal easily.

The design aims to build an efficient communication bridge between sales and the clients.


The main purpose of redesigning Formosa Plastic CRM system is to make everything clear and communicate effectively.
Thus, sorting out the relationship and business process between sales and clients is a key in the research. The design need to grasp the overall interaction process during the business modal and consider the possibilities of multiple situations during the business.

Make the design simple and approachable.


Clean Structure

Provide the straight forward form and clear structure for sales to use and avoid error situation that happen from the awful user experience.
Systematic Shipping Status

Design series of accurate systematic shipping status for both sales and clients, which can let them easily know and point out each shipments situation.

Effective Communication

The old system is missing a communicate way between sales and the clients, which cause more unnecessary communication costs and reduce personnel efficiency.