Foursquare Rebranding 

The new rebrand that build trust and bridges between digital spaces and physical places.


As Foursquare is a company about the technology that constructs meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places, they are extending the branch and create a future where consumers and companies engage more deeply with the real world through location technologies.

The new branding aims to help Foursquare to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world as well as revisiting visual identity possibilities for Foursquare.

“We promote an evolution of the Foursquare brand, and believe it can be made timeless, while still appearing refreshing.”

The F-frame, which looks like a speech box, communicates “added information.” It can be used as a color block to add visual interest but is far more powerful when it includes text or moving imagery, which can be powerful storytelling devices about the dynamism Foursquare brings to real-world experience.