Content Hub Redesign

UI Design, Art Direction


The official content site of Mercedes-Benz needs to refresh and add new test drive feature into the new one. The project aims to improve the original site as well as enhance the user experience to let audience understand clearly while broswing the site.


My Role
UI Design,
Art Direction

Taiwan Mercedes-Benz

Cloud Interactive / 2020


Attractive Content

Levelling up the user experience by highlight different activities and articles to keep staying tuned on Mercedes-Benz's news and events.

Value & Growth

As Mercedes-Benz is one of a top luxury automotive marque, the design should meet the brand value and increase business growth while customers browse the site


Utilize the brand oringinal influential and make impact continually on some environment topic, such as sustainability and innovation.

The design aims to increase the contents' value and growth as well as guide the users to register the test drive experience.


As we dived into the research, we wanted to know more about the current pain points and how we can improve it with an appropriate and an effective way. Knowing the target audience is one of a key things to redesign the content hub into a more attractive and insightful website.

Design as a trigger to attract users and tell the story.


Extend Touchpoint 

By increasing the visibility of “events”, connecting online and offline use scenarios becomes a comprehensive content platform
Perspective from Reader

Reclassify the six major topics that were difficult to identify, so that readers can easily understand and increase reading traffic

Simply Information 

Focus on user needs, streamline information, and highlight important content through goal-oriented navigation

Multiple Context

In addition to a targeted search, the test drive booking situation also includes exploration without a clear goal

Direct Appointment to Test Drive

Create motivation and dynamic lines, so that users can naturally and smoothly complete the test drive appointment while browsing the homepage


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