Ya an Tsai is a multidisciplinary designer with specialties in digital storytelling and visual experience. 



UI Design

entity is a new digital travelogue that aims to enhance travelers’ documentation of each unique itinerary. By putting the experience first as well as value the meaning and relationship between traveler and their stories, entity provides users an elegance way to write the experience, plan the next stories, track the unique history and see into the future. It is reinventing a new approach to the travelogue, explore and get inspired through this digital experience!



UI Design / Graphic Design


SK-II has set up a pop-up store with the theme “SK-II Wonderland”, which located at Tokyo, and adopts Google’s “AR Core” technology to provide visitors step into the phantasmagorical world.

The AR app allows visitors to interact with the space and learn about the product in a fun way.

Check out on the App Store

Mood of the Year

Graphic Design / Illustration

Mood of the Year is a calendar of a series of emotional illustration collection. The calendar card for each month is reusable that can be torn off and become a bookmark. Inspired by nature and street view from Taiwan, the book aims to bring harmony, purity, and elegance to the viewers.


Smart Check

Service Design / UI Design


SmartCheck is the app of an innovative emergency alert system that allows users to know the situation of their parents in the real time. The application can support users to make a balance between work and family, providing users a better lifestyle without keep worrying about their parents’ health during the work time.


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