Mood of the Year

Graphic Design / Illustration

Mood of the Year is a calendar of a series of emotional illustration collection. The calendar card for each month is reusable that can be torn off and become a bookmark. Inspired by nature and street view from Taiwan, the book aims to bring harmony, purity, and elegance to the viewers.

Smart Check

Service Design / UI Design

SmartCheck is the app of an innovative emergency alert system that allows users to know the situation of their parents in the real time. The application can support users to make a balance between work and family, providing users a better lifestyle without keep worrying about their parents’ health during the work time.


Pratt CSDS

Website Design

The CSDS Resource Center at Pratt Institute provides faculty, students, alumni and the NYC community educational resources that promote the integration of sustainable best practices into academic programs and professional practice.

The design follows the ethos in Pratt CSDS "center for sustainable design" and deliver a more effective visual communication for the viewers.



M.F.A Thesis Project
Interaction Design / Graphic Design / Book Bindings

The social connotation of the term self-identity has seen a radical change since the invention of the Internet. In order to develop a sense of well-being and importance, and stand out as individuals, it is essential for us to have a strong sense of identity. Under the face of a changing world, our self-identity has now begun to signify a complex idea that not only encompasses changeable self-cognition, conflicts in cultural value, antagonistic political standpoints, and a shifting understanding of the notion of belonging, but the multiple displayed self in cyberspace. In contemporary society this multiplicity of ourselves is commonplace and drives us to the unpredictable future and impact.

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Branding / UI Design 

RETHINK is a public concern organization that cares about beach cleanups. The organization located in Taiwan which is an island country that surrounds by the ocean. With the main purpose of educating people to protect the environment, RETHINK calls out everyone to join the event of beach cleanups in every week.

This project aims to help the organization rebrand their visual concept and improve the system which can allow more people know the organization and join it to understand the importance of environmental protection as well as maintain the cleanliness of the ocean.