Designed the app that meets the essential needs of elders.



-Product Design


SmartCheck is the app of an innovative emergency alert system that allows users to know the situation of their parents in the real time. The application can support users to make a balance between work and family, providing users a better lifestyle without keep worrying about their parents’ health during the work time.


In nowadays, young people who already grow up seldom live with their parents, a lot amount of them are usually live in a different city for work or with a new family. Under this circumstance, it is hard for young people to look after their parents and know what happened to them in the real-time.


Due to the low rate of birth, the aging population of the elder keeps growing up. Under this circumstance, young people with relatively lower numbers need to spend more time on both working and looking after their families.

Most of the time, elders don’t like to go to the hospital when they get sick, instead, they usually think it is not a big problem and they don’t want to waste money as well. Furthermore, the elders usually will hide their ill symptom to their children and pretend nothing happened. With this, these elder conditions often worsened due to this negligence and caused many irreparable situations.


At the beginning of the research, I tried to investigate what is the most popular elders' service in the current market. After the interview and the investigation, I found four apps that have been used mostly in society. To compare these other similar elder’s service, I dived into the comparative analysis and user research, trying to find out more in each competitor.

When doing the analysis, I listed out the features and functional service in each section as well as separated them into different categories. It helped me narrow down the contents and allowed me to clearly understand the pros and cons of each app.


In the current market, most of the app only highlight the point in the function of self-check but neglect the essential needs of elders that they might feel hard to use these complex system. On the other side, only a few of them have an alert system that can connect to the hospital if any emergency happens.


To develop an app that can solve the problems of elders themselves and also improve the relationship between child and parents, below are the target service that needs to implement into the app:

– Self-medical check every day
– Data report to both child and doctor
– Connect to the doctor for a regular check-up
– An emergency alert system
– Simple and clear interface for the elder to read and use
– Voice report and receive