H.C Workshop 藝釉手作坊
H.C Workshop is a ceramic studio dedicated to clay practice in life. Offers some courses and workshops designed to apply ceramics into the crowd and promote people's passion for clay and ceramics. It located in Niaosong, Kaohsiung City, which nearby the busy city, where people can relax and have fun with ceramics after walking all day.
Logo Concept
By using the most common pottery tools to sketch and design the logo, with a style of illustration can echoing the lively and relaxing atmosphere in the studio. The circular shape symbolizes the bottom of various utensils, and while putting the name of workshop and pottery tools in the middle of the circular can let the logo have professional and yet lively image.
The purpose of the brochure is designed to allow people to know more about the goods and services of the studio, also let people comprehend the life attitude of the ceramist and the fun in creation.
The main color throughout the brochure is the color of the clay. The content includes the interview with the ceramist, such as the process of opening the workshop, the conversion of mood from the beginning until now, as well as the pleasure of opening the studio.
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