This animation is the cooperation project of Toeic 900 and Taiwan Taxi Company. The animation is placed in the car to let passengers not only enjoy the scenery but learn English with interesting small animation while they take a ride.
The animation will update the content every two weeks so that passengers and drivers can learn different words as well as enhance their learning ability. The animated style is made in the form of motion graphics, allowing the audience to enter the situation and learn with a relaxed and lively rhythm.
此動畫為Toeic900工作團隊與台灣大車隊合作項目,於車內放置單字學習小動畫,讓乘客乘車時除了能欣賞窗外風景,也能加強學習英文的動力。動畫每兩個禮拜會更新內容,讓乘客與司機皆能學習不同的單字,並提升學習能力。動畫風格以motion graphics的形式製作,用輕鬆活潑的節奏讓觀眾進入情境並學習。

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