Branding for Prograde International Trading Company 
Prograde International Trading Company is an agent which based on imported materials, the main products are different kinds of refractory, slag reconnaissance equipment, machinery, and electronic 
spare parts.

建朝公司是一間代理進口材料為主的貿易公司,主要代理商品為各類耐火材料、偵渣設備、機械和電子零件備品。其商標圖案以公司代理的最大產品 - 耐火材料為主,中間三角形象徵著火,外圍的積木表示防火磚。火放置在防火磚當中表示著耐火的性質,並利用火焰燃燒的顏色去表達和增強圖形的立體感。
Logo Concept
The logo is based on the main product in the company, refractory. The triangle in the middle of the logo symbolizes the fire, and the rectangle outside the triangle is the representation of fire brick. The fire placed in refractory bricks indicates that it have a property of fireproofing. Also, the colors of the flame can express and enhance the three-dimensional of the graph.
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