A graduate project that pay tribute to my past four years during my undergrad  and expect that future will become better.
It is about a man who pursued his dream, but encountered difficulties on the way, forced to return to reality at the end. Using Y as the protagonist, the life and the changes of his mental state all the way imply the life of all human beings. The open-ended conclusion enables the reader to experience different feeling as the change of present mind.
Logo Design:
The redesigned Chinese font and addition of elements from the film accompany with the use of simple line structure to convey the abstract and concrete emotion subtlety displaying in the film.
Character Design:
Y (Y is the short for You, represent everyone) 
The main character is the symbol as everyone that projecting the dilemma that everyone has encountered more or less in the mood above the protagonist.
Motion Concept:
The dynamic process of decomposition, this motion concept was inspired by water. Dropping and spreading out over the surface, this process of water compares to the transformation of the story and the emotions behind it and it creates a fantastic and pure atmosphere.
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