Way to Fluid: Toward Your Future Self

The social connotation of the term self-identity has seen a radical change since the invention of the Internet. In order to develop a sense of well-being and importance, and stand out as individuals, it is essential for us to have a strong sense of identity. Under the face of a changing world, our self-identity has now begun to signify a complex idea that not only encompasses changeable self-cognition, conflicts in cultural value, antagonistic political standpoints, and a shifting understanding of the notion of belonging, but the multiple displayed self in cyberspace. In contemporary society this multiplicity of ourselves is commonplace and drives us to the unpredictable future and impact.

The role of identity and how we use it to shape ourselves and relate to each other is shifting dramatically. Consequently, the role design plays in forming our characters, in particular in digital media, has to be re-examined. The thesis explores the role design which can play in satisfying the new need for a more fluid identity and offers an approach to sharing and creating experiences that help shape our individual identities. The thesis project contains three different experiments, a main capstone project and a series of research and design exploration.
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