Formosa Plastics (PVC)
CRM System

A platform that builds efficient communication and delivers clear messages between sales and the clients.


Taiwan Mercedes-Benz
Content Hub Redesign

Levelling up the user experience to keep staying tuned on Mercedes-Benz's news and events.


The official content site of Mercedes-Benz needs to refresh and add new test drive feature into the new one. The project aims to improve the original site as well as enhance the user experience to let audience understand clearly while broswing the site.

Current Content Hub Homepage︎︎︎

Pain Points

  • Fuzzy positioning

    The content is highly repetitive and the information structure is too obscure to provide clear navigation guidance.

  • Hard to communicate
    Abbreviations or proper nouns are used in the six themes, and lack of proper descriptions can easily confuse users and reduce the probability of clicking to read.

  • Low readability
    The article is monotonous and the content display width lacks a proper design. When there is a lot of content, the shortcomings of typesetting are more prominent.

Current Test Drive page︎︎︎

Pain Points

  • Unclear architecture
    The fields of different levels are listed in the same block with the same form of fields, which may cause misunderstanding by users.

  • Uncontrollable
    After choosing a dealer or car model, it cannot be changed after filling in the information page, which is not convenient to operate.

  • Lack of guidance
    If the dealer does not have a car model that the user wants to test drive, in addition to the notification, it does not provide appropriate instructions or tips for action.

“The design aims to increase the contents' value and growth as well as guide the users to register the test drive experience.”

Pratt CSDS

Redesigning the Pratt CSDS website that intergrate educational resources and academic programs.


The CSDS Resource Center at Pratt Institute provides faculty, students, alumni and the NYC community educational resources that promote the integration of sustainable best practices into academic programs and professional practice.

The design follows the ethos in Pratt CSDS "center for sustainable design" and deliver a more effective visual communication for the viewers.


Cloud Interactive
Hot Desking App

A solution for letting both onsite and offsite employees work collaboratively and efficiently.  


With the expansion of the company, Cloud Interactive needs a solution for letting both onsite and offsite employees work collaboratively and efficiently.  

The application is easy to use and enables users to contact tracing in the workplace. The employees who are working offsite can easily reach out for support and find out who is in the office. For managers, it allows them to check up each employee's location and time history that helps optimize the workspace and manage remote working effectively. 

The app combines four main functions for users to easily understand and book the seat efficiently during every day.

Since all design elements are not stand in a flat and top view position, every single object have to follow a unique uniform foundation that can allow developers to easily and efficiently develop the product.

Illustrative Status

The different illustration scenarios can target users to some specific situation that occurs during the use of the system, which also lets them understand and give instructions for the next step. 

Foursquare Rebranding 

The new rebrand that build trust and bridges between digital spaces and physical places.


As Foursquare is a company about the technology that constructs meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places, they are extending the branch and create a future where consumers and companies engage more deeply with the real world through location technologies.

The new branding aims to help Foursquare to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world as well as revisiting visual identity possibilities for Foursquare.

“We promote an evolution of the Foursquare brand, and believe it can be made timeless, while still appearing refreshing.”

The F-frame, which looks like a speech box, communicates “added information.” It can be used as a color block to add visual interest but is far more powerful when it includes text or moving imagery, which can be powerful storytelling devices about the dynamism Foursquare brings to real-world experience.